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Dec 18 2008

An Orange Overdrive Cake

We are buried under (almost) 1/2 foot snow here in the PNW. Work’s crazy I know, you must be thinking who the hell is working during the holidays!?! Oh, well. All good fun. Some bullet points: We spent this Thanksgiving in NY. Well, that story is for some other day.  It feels great to blog [...]

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Jul 09 2008

Capsicum Coconut Rice

I love one pot meals. Versatile, fast and creative – one pot meals are a great choice for a busy weeknight dinner, I think. Here is an easy one.     –ingredients————————————- Fresh coconut, grated - 1/2 cup. (Update: I used frozen coconut. Ahem, a certain someone suggested I add the “frozen” part here) Short grain [...]

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Oct 28 2007

Pomegranate Pulihora / Danimma Pulihora

Everybody is talking about Danimma(telugu) aka Pomegranate. First it was Jai and Bee @ Jugalbandi and then Manisha with those waffles story.  (Btw, congratulations Manisha !!!! ) Inspi’red’ I bought one the other day. Rich in antioxidants, the little red (sometimes white) arils looked like brightly glowing rubies. The fruit I got tasted very sour. Yes, [...]

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Oct 05 2007

Try this

It is that time of the year again.  Yes, the colorful fall with crisp chilly days and long nights. When you yearn for something warm and cozy.  I got my first chestnuts yesterday and dry roasted them. Indira of Mahanandi first introduced me to chestnuts through her blog. I have been hooked to roasted chestnuts ever since.  [...]

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Aug 29 2007

Hand-picked Blackberries

Published by mythili under Blackberries

There are several blackberry bushes adjacent to our apartment complex. During our usual evening walk one day I noticed bunches of cute little blackberries. I don’t like blackberries a lot but I picked them anyhow…they were just beautiful. Enjoy!

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